Use the Movies tab for a list of movies that you can vote on for Friday, March 29 at 7:30 PM. Movie previews will start at 7:00 PM. The winner will be posted at noon on the Thursday before the showing. Be sure to fill out the form on the RSVP tab to reserve your spot, and then click on a Vote link on the Movies tab to cast a ballot for your favorite movie.

A new list of movies will be generated at midnight on Friday night and will allow voting right away. If we are not having a movie night, the page will reflect as such. There are only 8 seats in the room, and two are taken by us, so be sure and reserve your spot as soon as possible.



The idea for a movie night began when we started shopping for a new house and decided that it needed a room that could be turned into a theater room, so that is what we did. It took a while to fund it as well as to do all the work. The only thing we did not do is paint the ceiling. All the rest was done by us. The pictures below show the transformation.